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Painters and decorators


Painters and decorators

Painters can help you with:

  • Preparing surfaces such as woodwork and plasterwork, by washing, removing old paper and paint, with a scraper, blowlamp or abrasive.
  • Filling old cracks and holes.
  • Applying coats of paint by brush, roller or spray gun
  • Measuring, trimming, cutting and hanging various types of wall covering in fabric and paper
  • Applying textured finishes to walls and ceilings using a comb or sponge to create different patterns.
  • Some painters and decorators are specialised in sign writing or decorative effects.

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An interior decorator can help you with:
Space Planning of your rooms - Using Color - How to use light - Decorating Styles - Picking the right Furniture - Floorings - Walls and Windows - Other Interior Decorating Elements.

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